Man abandons puppies by a dumpster

Two of the puppies found rest after being found in a suitcase.

A North Toledo man is facing animal abandonment charges after authorities say he left six puppies stuffed in a suitcase next to a dumpster outside a North Toledo convenience store.

Howard Davis of East Hudson Street is due at an animal custody hearing on Friday, April 13. He will be arraigned in Toledo Municipal Court next Tuesday.

John Dinon, Executive Director of the Toledo Area Humane Society, says the 6 puppies and their mother were picked up by the Lucas County Dog Warden's Office. "They were found in an alley behind Stickney Ave; the puppies were found in a suitcase that was sealed up and the mother was near there," he said.

Scott Snyder claims he witnessed Davis leave a suitcase by the dumpster and then drive off. "When he drove off I saw this female dog chase after him, but she gave up and then came back to the suitcase; I was curious and went over to the suitcase, opened it up and saw that there were six puppies inside," he said.

Dinon said the puppies could have suffocated had Snyder not acted as quickly as he did.

The mother and her puppies are doing well but are in need of a temporary home. "So if anyone is interested in being foster parents for about four weeks for all 6 puppies and the mom, call us at the Toledo Area Humane Society." Dinon said.

That number is 419-891-0705. By late afternoon, more than 100 phone calls had come in from people wanting to adopt the puppies.