Man arrested after destroying police robot in Adrian standoff

Authorites were held at by for several hours during the Adrian standoff.

An Adrian man who held police at bay for several hours in late February has been arrested.

Shawn Julius Gauss, 37, faces six felony counts after the Feb. 23 incident in which he holed himself up inside his Adrian home, firing shots while officers were inside, and destroying a Michigan State Police robot.

The standoff began around 2 a.m., at 106 Renfrew, and continued into the afternoon. Authorities say Gauss, who was reported as being suicidal at the time, fired several shots inside the home as officers attempted to negotiate with him. After a State Police Emergency Services Team deployed a robot into the home, Gauss destroyed it by firing several more rounds.

Gauss faces charges including assault with a dangerous weapon, malicious destruction of police property, carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent, discharging a firearm in a building, and a felony firearms charge.

No one was injured in the standoff.

Gauss is scheduled to be arraigned in an Adrian court Monday.