Man dumped over cancer launches Super Bowl ticket contest

You can enter the contest by following @notjasonelia and tweeting #WinMyExsSuperBowlTickets.

Could this be the best break up revenge ever? A Nashville man plans to give away two Super Bowl tickets worth $8,000 to the person who can get him the most Twitter followers--all because his girlfriend dumped him and demanded she keep the tickets.

Jason Elia, a television writer, told Trending Now he bought the tickets for his girlfriend before she broke up with him over his bladder cancer diagnosis, saying she "could not handle the stress of having a boyfriend with cancer."

Now, Elia has launched his own contest for the tickets on Twitter using #WinMyExsSuperBowlTickets. Not only does his account, @notjasonelia, have almost 10,000 new followers, he also found out he has an 87 percent chance of survival.

There's still time to participate--Elia will announce the contest winner on Tuesday.

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