Man faces sentencing for Ravine Park Village murder

Andrew Goetz was named a suspect, but agreed to testify against Johnson to drop Goetz's murder charges.

A man who was found guilty of a 2012 robbery-turned-homicide will find out his sentence Tuesday morning.

A Lucas County Jury convicted 23-year-old Jonathan Johnson in the homicide of Jonathan L. Morris Jr. earlier this month.

Officials reported several people tried to rob Morris who was later shot multiple times Oct. 5 in an area outside Ravine Park Village in the 2300 block of Seaman. Several people had fled the scene after the shooting according to Toledo Police investigators.

When Andrew Goetz, 29, and Chaz Jackson, 29, were named suspects in the case, they turned themselves in the week after the east Toledo shooting.

The pair agreed to testify against Johnson so that murder charges against them would be dropped. The two men plead guilty to the robbery charge and are serving time.

Johnson faces life in prison for the crime.