Man in standoff with police is shot dead

A Sylvania man is dead at the conclusion of a nine hour standoff with police. Late Saturday afternoon Sylvania police were called out to the Sylvania Gardens apartment complex on Maplewood Avenue when a neighbor called 9-1-1 saying a man was walking around the complex with a gun. When police arrived the man barricaded himself inside his apartment. For hours the police negotiated with the man to come out peacefully but to no avail. Police resorted to propelling tear gas into the man's apartment but even that did not compel him to come out.

Police say that around 3 a.m. Sunday morning officers attempted to enter the apartment and the suspect fired on the officers. The officers returned fire and the man was eventually discovered deceased inside the apartment. Police are not saying whether the man died as a result of a self inflicted gunshot wound or if he was hit by a round fired by the officers.

Sylvania Police have scheduled a 2 p.m. press conference Monday to provide an update on their investigation.