Man reports burglary, gets busted for growing pot

Anthony Bishop

Officers busted an Old Orchard homeowner Tuesday after he called police to report being robbed at gunpoint.

Police were called to the home of Anthony Bishop, 32, 3123 Drummond, just before 5:00 a.m. on Tuesday on a report of a burglary. Bishop told police that he had just gotten home and was walking towards the back door of his home when two unknown men approached him from behind and held a gun to his head. Bishop said the men told him to do "what he was told" in order to "make it through this alive."

The suspects then allegedly took Bishop into his basement and bound his hands and feet with duct tape. Bishops says they then stole three flat-screen TV's, two desktop computers, an antique ring, and firearms from inside the home before loading them into his Cadillac Escalade and driving off.

Bishop says he was able to free himself and call 9-1-1. When officers arrived to investigate, they found Bishop to be growing marijuana in his basement. Officers seized various marjiuana cultivation evidence and other drug paraphernalia from the home. Bishop was then taken into custody and charged with cultivating marijuana. He has been booked into the Lucas County Jail.