Man says he found worm inside grocery bought meat

D ennis Smith had a favorite food. On monday his wife went to the kroger on alexis road to pick up a package of pork. For 5.65 she bought a four pack of moist and tender butterfly pork. The package was marked best if sold by Thursday, November 11th.

On Tuesday, November 9th she fried two pieces and served them with a side of bread. But that wasn't all that ended up on the plate. It was shocking I kept looking at it and I said you know that looks like a worm, says Dennis. The gross thing about it is I had ate some of it.

After losing his appetite he called Kroger, the Health Department and the Better Business Bureau to tell them about his purchase.

Dennis says the meat should TMve never made it to the shelves they should have someone inspect the meat before it get to that point I would say.

On Friday, he walked into Kroger with the pork and it's parasite in a plastic bag. He walked out with an apology, a refund and a $10 gift card for the inconvenience. Dennis says its little consolation for what he and others may have consumed.

I bought the meat that means someone else bought the meat also and may not have been paying attention to what they're buying or eating.

NBC24 went into that Kroger to see what precautions, if any they've taken to ensure the rest of the meat is safe. They only confirmed that Dennis came into the store with the pork in a bag to report the incident. The Kroger store referred NBC24 to their corporate office.

We called and spoke with a representative about the issue. We asked if any meat was pulled off the shelves, if an investigation will follow and what happens next. We are still waiting for the answers to those questions.

As for Dennis, let's just say he's given up his beloved pork chops.