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      Man shocked with child support bill for dead daughter

      A Cincinnati man recently received an $18,000 child support bill from the state of Ohio for his daughter. However, his daughter has been dead for 33-years.

      Tanya Hogan was beaten and killed by Robert Heard when she was just a toddler, and Job and Family Services said they never received any notice that the girl had died.

      Now, Tanya's father, James Jennings, is facing piles of paperwork, bills, and painful memories. Officials say they've sent Jennings notices, but he claims he never received them.

      Ohio's Child Support office is now asking Jennings to pay up to the tune of $18,000 and has started taking the it from his social security checks. They say Jennings was sent notices to pay up but they either went undelivered or were ignored.

      When WKRC-TV went to the Office of Vital Records, they found a death certificate proving that Tanya was the victim of a homicide in 1981.

      "I can't be held legal for 18,000 dollars," said Jennings. "They should've examined this and said where's this baby at. That's all I'm interested in."

      Job and Family Services now says the case is on hold and no more money will be taken from Jennings' checks.

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