Man's vehicle shot up over door ding in mall parking lot

Edmund Robinson

Nearly every driver or passenger has been guilty of accidentally dinging the side of a parked vehicle when opening their car door, but one Toledo man is paying the price for doing so outside Westfield Franklin Park Mall.

Police say Richard Dougherty, of Lambertville, parked his car in the lot outside Westfield Franklin Park, 5001 Monroe St., around 6:45 p.m. Tuesday. When he got outof the vehicle, his car door bumped into a car parked next to him.

A witness says an occupant of the car, Edmund Robinson, got out and began arguing with Dougherty, yelling and and following him into the mall. The witness says Robinson, of Detroit, tried to trip Dougherty as he made his way towards the mall's doors.

After a few moments, Dougherty returned to the parking lot to move his car to another spot. As he approached his car he heard three gunshots and saw Robinson get into his car and flee the scene. The windows on Dougherty's car had been blown out by the gun fire, causing over $500 in damage.

No injuries were reported.

Robinson's vehicle was stopped by Toledo Police shortly after the incident. He, along with a passenger, were arrested. The weapon presumably used in the shooting was recovered from inside the car.