Many Fatherâ??s Day celebrations around Toledo

Volcanoes made at Imagination Station on Father's Day

There was a lot for dadâ??s to enjoy today, with a variety of afternoon events at the Toledo Zoo and Imagination Station.

At the zoo, there was free admission for dads when they visited with kids. There were interactive games in the main plaza and a barbecue lunch.

Jen Brassil, the Toledo Zooâ??s event coordinator, said, â??I think it is important to celebrate dads and have them come in for free and enjoy the day with their family.â??

Celebrations continued at Imagination Station. The science center allowed fathers to tap into their creative sides by working with their families to create table-top paper mache volcanoes, using baking soda and vinegar to make them erupt.

Desiree Baird, a Floor Team Member, said, â??The stuff that kids do all through grade school, we are doing it here, with our fathers, so they have a chance to spend some time with their children and have a lot of fun as well.â??

Both the Toledo Zoo and Imagination Station will continue to celebrate Fatherâ??s Day.