Many struggle to find a good paying job

Despite the declining unemployment rate from last year, many Toledoans are jobless.

Athough Toledo's unemployment rate decreased the same time last year, residents have met challenges in finding a good paying job.

The unemployment rate for Toledo in March fell to 7 percent, according to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

That is a drop from the 9.4 percent rate recorded in March of last year. Leigh Guerra, Quality Asurance Manager at Ohio Means Jobs Lucas County, formerly The Source, said hiring has accelerated in multiple sectors.

"We are seeing it everywhere, production is a big one, and that is having a ripple effect through other industries like food service and janitorial," Ms. Guerra said.

Despite the declining unemployment rate, many Toledoans are jobless. Toledo resident Franklin McCord was laid off from his manufacturing job four months ago.

"First time in 25 years I've been unemployed, as I have been working steadily for 25 years, and through a series of events unfortunately I became unemployed," Mr. McCord said.

Seventeen people were hired at the most recent job fair at Ohio Means Jobs Lucas County. Guerra said more than two dozen local businesses participated in the job fair. "I am getting two or three thank you notes a day from people who were hired," Ms. Guerra said.