Marathon Classic hopes to raise $500,000 for charity

Money from this year's Marathon Classic will once again be given to local charities.

One of the charities receiving money from the Marathon Classic for the first time this year is the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Toledo.

Richard Harris became the organization's executive director last year. "The Down Syndrome Association of Greater Toledo has been around for 30 years. We serve 450 families around Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan," Mr. Harris said.

Judd Silverman, Marathon Classic tournament chairman, says the tournament has raised more than $8 million over 28 years. "We raised last year $378,000 spread among 23 charities, this year our goal is to raise $500,000 to be spread among 22 charities," said Silverman. "I think with a great week and these great crowds we have a real good chance of getting there."

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A total of 50 charities submitted applications to receive funds from the Marathon Classic.