Marine inducted into Hall of Heroes

Marine Inducted into Hall of Heroes. / NBC

The first Marine to receive the Medal of Honor for acts of bravery in Afghanistan will be inducted into the Hall of Heroes Friday.

Sgt. Dakota Meyer will be the third Marine to receive the military's highest honor in 41 years. The ceremony will take place at the Pentagon.

On Thursday, President Barack Obama awarded Meyer the Medal of Honor during a ceremony at the White House.

Two years ago, the - then 21-year-old - Marine was in Afghanistan when the patrol unit he was supporting was caught in a deadly ambush with the Taliban. Under fire, and orders from his command not to go in, Meyer along with another Marine rushed into the battle zone five times in their Humvee. During a six-hour fire fight he saved 13 Marines, and 23 Afghan soldiers. Meyer personally killed at least eight insurgents, despite being wounded himself.

Meyer left the military after serving tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

A parade at the Marine barracks in Washington is also planned to honor Meyer.