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      Maritime Academy meets major deadline with help from unions

      T he Maritime Academy is giving a big thank you to workers from two local unions that worked through holidays and winter weather to help the school meet a major deadline.

      Earlier this year, the downtown Toledo academy made a deal with a Dutch company to bring new maritime simulators to the school. Over the past six weeks, workers with Carpenters Local 351 and IBEW Local 8 donated hundreds of hours to complete phase one of the project.

      The academy had a $30,000 grant to work with, but said without help from union volunteers, the project would not have happened.

      "It's educating people on the maritime and nautical practices through the years," said Joe Cousino of IBEW Local 8. "these new simulators (are) state-of-the-art. It's nice to be part of bringing them to Toledo."

      Volunteers wrap up their work on Friday when engineers from the Dutch company plan to arrive in Toledo to start the next phase of the project.

      All four phases will take until 2017 to complete.