Maritime Academy offers cruise basic safety training

Cruise basic safety courses are offered at The Maritime Academy of Toledo Foundation.

Monday begins a new cruise ship professional development training and U.S. Coast Guard-approved basic safety training by the Maritime Academy of Toledo Foundation.

The Cruise Ship Professional Development Training will acquaint applicants with career opportunities, lifestyle and the overall work environment aboard cruise ships.

"While this training program will address cruise ship jobs, we will also introduce applicants to other career opportunities in the maritime industry, such as working for the Military Sealift Command which moves goods around the world for U.S. armed services at sea," said Renee Marazon, CEO of The Maritime Academy of Toledo Foundation.

The STCW Basic Safety training is a U.S. Coast Guard requirement for anyone working in the maritime industry. The training involves personal survival skills, first aid, CPR, personal safety and social responsibility, and basic firefighting techniques.

"In light of the cruise ship tragedy in Italy, we cannot say enough about the need to be properly trained to address any crisis situation at sea or on the Great Lakes," Marazon said. "Our applicants will learn not only basic safety training, but will also receive training in crowd control, crisis management, and cruise ship fundamentals."

The programs take place at The Maritime Training and Education Center at 803 Water St. in Toledo. For more information on the two new training programs call Lt. Cmdr. Kleiboemer at 419-244-9999 or log on to

TRAINING SCHEDULE - STCW Basic Safety Training / Jan. 23 â?? 27, 2012 / 8 a.m. â?? 4 p.m.

Mon - Jan. 23: Personal Survival Skills --- Visual Element Classroom setting only

Tues. - Jan 24: Personal Survival Skills --- Visual Element Indoor Pool beginning at 9 a.m.

Wed. - Jan 25: First Aid / CPR --- Visual Element Classroom setting only

Thurs. - Jan 26: Basic Firefighting - MARAD Great Lakes Fire Training Center, 2600 Eber Rd. Swanton

Visual Element Lecture with some practical

Fri. - Jan 27: Basic Firefighting - MARAD Great Lakes Fire Training Center

Visual Element Practical

Schedule visitors, David T. Matsuda, Administrator, U.S. Dept. of Transportation Maritime Administration, Washington D.C.; and other state and local elected

officials. Observation of Live-Fire Suppression Exercises and Lunch with Students 11:30 a.m. â?? 1:30 p.m.

TRAINING SCHEDULE - Cruise Ship Professional Development / Jan. 30 â?? Feb. 3, 2012 / 8 a.m. â?? 4 p.m.

Mon. - Jan. 30 Cruise Industry Fundamental Course

Tues. - Jan 31 Applicants apply for Passports in the morning; Drug testing and physical assessments in the afternoon

Wed. - Feb. 1 Transportation Worker Identification Card credentialing; Additional U.S. Coast Guard Paperwork

Thurs. - Feb. 2 Crisis Management and Human Behavior

Fri. - Feb 3 Crowd Control