Maumee Mayor facing allegations of ethics violations

Maumee Mayor Tim Wagener

Maumee City Council called a special meeting to discuss allegations that Mayor Tim Wagener violated ethic laws, statutes and the Maumee City Charter.

The City of Maumee became aware of allegations in 2006 that the mayor had solicited a loan from a city worker in the amount of 2,500 dollars. Wagener had accumulated debt due to a failed commissioner's campaign, two mortgages and a debt from his personal business " a video store.

The city instructed the mayor that he was in violation of ethics laws, to repay the loan, and confirm with council that the loan had been paid. Wagener repaid the loan and took an oath to never do it again. In October of 2010 more allegations that Wagener had solicited three separate loans from the same city worker surfaced. Council launched an investigation with outside legal council. Tuesday evening the city was advised of the investigations findings.

In this investigation I believe there is certainly enough evidence to warrant sending it to (Ohio Ethics) commission for there expert review of it said Mike Angelo Legal Outside for the City of Maumee But my understanding in my reading of the ethics opinions and other statutes| it TMs very clear to me that there is sufficient evidence.

The Maumee City Council voted to have the matter reviewed by the Ohio Ethics Commission. After further review, Mayor Wagener could face termination.