Maumee River rising in Henry County

<font size="2">The river expected to crest on Sunday at 10 feet in Henry County.</font>

Emergency crews are preparing for floods along the Maumee River. By Friday afternoon, water levels were up about two feet in Henry County.

Ice remains 15 inches on some parts of the river. Officials are worried that ice might break apart.

â??If it does cut up or jam up a little bit it will push the ice forward and up,â?? Henry County Emergency Management Agency Director Tracy Busch said. â??And if thereâ??s a structure in the way it will cut it like a knife.â??

Busch says rainwater and melted snow are now flowing underneath the ice.

He'll continue monitoring the river at least until Saturday night, when temperatures are expected to drop back below freezing.

His advice is to prepare now.

"I know a lot of the secondary homes or vacation homes, a lot of people have removed the stuff from there,â?? Busch said.

Employees at Mary Jane Thurston State Park are reporting real-time information from their office on the Maumee River for the National Weather Service.

The river expected to crest on Sunday at 10 feet in Henry County. That forecast does not account for ice jams.