Mayor Collins addresses Toledo's winter weather woes

Holly Harmon told WNWO to check out this pothole at Detroit and Monroe. The crater is less than a block from where a sinkhole swallowed a car this summer.

The snow is melting, but there's a new frustration from Toledo's winter. Mayor D. Michael Collins explains the city's pothole problem.

Weather related issues have plagued the Glass City in recent weeks. Toledo was less than an inch away from reaching the all-time snowiest winter ever recorded in Toledo.

One of the major problems? Potholes.

A WNWO Facebook post

, asking fans to identify pothole problem areas, received nearly 100 comments in less than 24 hours.

The Mayor does want to assure drivers that the city's pothole problem is being addressed other than filling the holes with temporary patches.

Collins has requested that city's engineering department to evaluate streets that have had work and are still under warranty. If the problem persists, contractors can address the potholes to get it fix.

Mayor Collins told WNWO, "We are also investigating using a different material to fill potholes."

Water main breaks have also become a concern this year, as temperatures have fluctuated enough to freeze and thaw pipes, as well as shift the soil.

PHOTOS: South Toledo water main break closes intersection for nearly 2 days

"We have an aging infrastructure. we have water and sewer lines that are from the 1800's, and we have street infrastructure that is in need of repair," Collins conceded.

Without "extra funding" to address every issue, the Mayor said it's been "a challenge, but it's one that we have to address. We don't have a choice."

Mayor's office responded quickly to reports of a large pothole near the former site of a west Toledo sinkhole that swallowed up a car in the summer.

"We have crews responding," City of Toledo Public Information officer Lisa Ward told WNWO.

City crews also spent the last 24 hours unblocking snow filled curb inlets in order to avoid flooding.

Ward said that "crews are being sent out as needed."

Toledo residents experiencing flooding in their basements can call 419-936-2020 for help.

Those who want to report pothole for repair should call 419-936-BUMP (419-936-2867).