Mayor Collins, residents express concern for injured officers

Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins.

A solemn mayor Collins addressed the media Thursday for what he's calling yet another city tragedy.

What started early Thursday morning as a high-speed chase with the Ohio State Highway Patrol, ended with a speeding suspect's SUV crashing into a Toledo police squad car, injuring two officers.

Probationary officer Todd Mikolajczyk and training officer Jeron Ellis were hospitalized with serious injuries, but are in stable condition.

"You have both the brothers and sisters in uniform, both fire and police that are looking for strength and I don't know how you begin to handle it," said Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins. "You just by the grace of God get through it.â??

Police Chief William Moton says at the time, Toledo police had just been alerted by OSHP about the chase, which left the two officers with no warning as to what was headed their way. â??Before we could get any information out to them the crash had happened, it happened that quicklyâ??

April Robedeau and her brother witnessed the crash. She said she was unsure, at the time, that Toledo police officers were even involved. "My heart sank when I realized that I was correct and it was an officer that had been hit. I was hoping that I was wrong."

Rodebeau says it was then that she went into shock, heartbroken about what she saw. She says her heart goes out to the families of the injured officers and she hopes

the one responsible for the crash

is brought to justice.

Toledo Police have arrested 28-year-old Matthew Hartford. He has been charged with two counts of felonious assault. Other felony and traffic charges are pending, according to police.