Mayor Collins says water test results 'too close for comfort'

Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins now says water tests done by the city are too close for comfort, so he will not open up the system to residents.

"The majority of areas are satisfactory, but there are still two spots of concern," said Mayor Collins during a 3 a.m. press conference. He did not say what specific areas of the city may have unsafe water.

Ohio and US EPA tests have come back negative and show levels within acceptable ranges. The mayor says the city will conduct additional tests on specific areas of the city Monday morning.

Mayor Collins does not expect residents will need to flush their home water systems as many have been using water for bathing, washing, etc.

At Monday's city council meeting, the water test results will be discussed and presented to the public.

Toxins in water force state of emergency in Toledo

The mayor urges residents to continue to use cormmon sense and heed all warnings until an all clear is given:

1. It is safe for healthy adults to bathe, wash their hands, and shower. While bathing, children should be under the supervision of an adult to prevent accidental drinking of the water. (*People with sensitive skin issues and liver conditions should avoid bathing or showering.)

2. Do not drink tap water until the all clear is given, this also includes pets.

3. Do not use tap water to cook until the all clear is given.

4. Do not boil tap water.

5. It is ok to use and flush your toilet.

Toledo Mayor Collins sees positive trend in water test results

City officials issued the warning Saturday after tests revealed the presence of a toxin possibly from algae on Lake Erie.

Until an all clear is given, the following areas should NOT drink or boil water:


Bedford Township



Troy Township



Lake Township

LaSalle Township

Troy Township


Sylvania Township

Springfield Township


Perrysburg Township

Ottawa Hills


Erie Township

Village of Metamora

Eastern Swan Creek Township

Village of Whitehouse

Luna Pier


Where to find water - In addition to several shipments arriving at area grocers, you may obtain water at the following locations on Monday:

Oregon Fire Department (all stations) - bring your own containers

Central Catholic High School, 2250 Cherry Street, Toledo, Ohio 43608

Waite High School, 301 Morrison Drive, Toledo, Ohio 43605

Woodward High School, 701 East Central Avenue, Toledo, OH 43608 - bring own container

Springfield High School, 1470 South McCord Rd, Holland, OH 43528 - bring own container

UT Scott Park Campus - Nebraska Ave and Parkside - bring own container

Parkway Plaza - S. Detroit and Anthony Wayne Trail (opens at 10 a.m.)

Village of Whitehouse Fire Department located at 10550 Waterville Street - bring own container (available 8 a.m.- 8 p.m. Monday)

Bedford Township Hall 8100 Jackman Rd. Monday at 9:00 am. until 7:00 pm.
Monroe Boat Club - Exit 11 I-75 la Plaisance Rd. - bring own container

Homebound Toledo-area residents who are in need of water may call the Red Cross for assistance. More information here.