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      Mayor Collins stands by statement on water emergency and 9/11

      TOLEDO -- Mayor D. Michael Collins is standing by his statement that Toledoâ??s water emergency is not dissimilar to the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attack in New York City.

      Collins told the Toledo Blade on Monday that the two events are similar in that they were both wake-up calls.

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      When NBC 24 posted a quote from Mayor Collins on our Facebook page, it prompted more than 30 comments, almost all of them from users criticizing the mayor. But heâ??s not backing down from his statement.

      â??What I said was, this is the wake-up call, no different than September 11th, 2001," Mayor Collins told NBC 24. "This is our wake up call, as it relates to our ability to survive based on the environment. And I see this is in that way."

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      Mayor Collins says heâ??s not trying to minimize what happened in September of 2001, but the terrorist attacks changed the world. Now, according to the mayor, the events of August 1 to August 4 have changed Toledoâ??s world.

      â??If this doesnâ??t wake us up to the precious resource that we take for granted, which has now been compromised, then what will it take?â?? Mayor Collins said.

      The mayor says the recent actions of Senator Sherrod Brown and Governor John Kasich demonstrate a growing awareness of harmful algal blooms.