Mayor Mike Bell and other local leaders will travel to China


hina has been a source of negative comments from the presidential campaign.
But those comments haven't stop Toledo Mayor Mike Bell from keeping a relationship with the country.


Bell along with a member of his staff and other leaders in the business and education community will travel the China next Tuesday.


he point of this trip is to sell
Toledo and Northwest Ohio to chinese businesses and investors. Some of those businesses have a direct connection to our economy depending on glass, metal, and car parts. Paul Zito, with the Regional Growth Partnership says the goal of the trip is clear, "it's all about jobs. Whether it's through investment from chinese companies in the Toledo area that set up manufacturing operations or distribution centers," explains Zito.

Job creation in the Toledo area because of Chinese investment is something Toledo resident Reginald Lewis says is the reason why he's employed, "we were in dire straights at a hotel I work at and the chinese came in and they brought it and now they've given us the opportunity to continue to work," says Lewis.




g to economic leaders

, there will also be a focus on creating new jobs in recycling and re-newable energy.