Mayor Mike Bell concedes election to D. Michael Collins

Toledo Mayor Mike Bell concedes the election to D. Michael Collins

Mayor Mike Bell conceded the Toledo mayoral election to City Councilman D. Michael Collins Tuesday night.

As of 12:24 a.m. Wednesday, Collins was leading Bell 56% to 43%. By the time all votes were counted, that margin held.

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TV ads and a consistent message in debates where he talked about how he eliminated the city's deficit, and didn't raise taxes.

VIEW: Final Election results

Throughout the night, Bell trailed Collins in the election returns. As the night dragged on, it became clear Toledo would have a new mayor, and many people inside Table 44 Restaurant and Bar, where Bell's camp watched returns Tuesday, became emotional about the defeat.

In a concession speech, Bell said he had no regrets over his time in office and added that the City of Toledo was in better shape today because of his actions.

Before leaving the stage, Bell said he would miss his staff and leading the city, but said he knew God had something better in store for him.

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