Mayor to discuss future of YMCA branch

Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner will host a town hall meeting Wednesday about the future of the South Toledo YMCA's property.

The proposed closing of the YMCA branch has sparked a great deal of debate and controversy over the last month.

YMCA & JCC of Toledo officials have yet to publicly commit to attending Wednesday night's meeting. However, a pastor at Cedar Creek Church will be on-hand to outline his plans for the building. The YMCA & JCC plans to give the South Toledo YMCA property over to Cedar Creek Church at no charge once the branch closes.

Toledoans have banded together to try to keep the South Toledo branch open. On Tuesday, more than 60 area residents and YMCA members rallied to show their support for the branch. Members say they have been asking for an open forum with the YMCA & JCC's board to address the closing.

"The community, the members, don't have faith in what the Y is telling them. And the intentions of the Y. And they refuse to step it up and openly lay it out there and answer questions that will the cure," said YMCA member Cooper Suter.

Some residents also say they have retained legal counsel to help in their fight.

Wednesday's town hall meeting will be held at 6:00 p.m. at the Teamsters Hall located at the Anthony Wayne Trail and Hawley in South Toledo.