Mayor, two Council members spar over crime data

On Monday Toledo Mayor Mike Bell rejected charges by two members of city council that crime data was manipulated for the mayor's political advantage. Michael Collins and Joe McNamara, who are both candidates for mayor ,made those accusations "I'm just flabbergasted that murder, rape and aggravated assault are up and the mayor is saying that everything is fine; people in Toledo don't feel safe," Mr. McNamara said.

Collins said he had done his own research into the FBI's report on crime in Toledo and found there was a discrepancy with what the administration had reported to city council. "The deputy mayor came to us and said there was a tremendous drop in our crime stats and then I did my own research into the FBI's uniform crime report for Toledo for 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 and found that the numbers are not consistent with what is being represented by the administration," Mr. Collins said.

The mayor dismissed the criticism of his electoral rivals as political grandstanding and repeated his assertion that Toledo is safe. "I'm disappointed in their kind of political posturing in a campaign but what I can tell you is that the crime rate is dropping and it's dropping in a very positive way," Mayor Bell said.