Mayoral candidates campaign until the last minute

Voters casting their ballots for the primary election. Many ran into mayoral candidates, who popped up at polling places greeting voters.

Toledo, Ohio (WNWO)--

"God said to me you're going to be mayor" said Opal Covey Repulican and 6 time mayoral candidate,

On Tuesday's ballot--13 candidates for Toledo city council at large seats And four candidates for mayor.

"We've invested a lot in our democracy almost 250 years a lot of people have sacrificed and died for this right," said Wade Kapszukiewic Lucas County Treasurer.

Residents have to choose between four mayoral candidates including : Kapszukiewic, Toledo's current mayor Paula Hicks Hudson, city councilman Tom Waniewski and Opal Covey in her 6th bid for mayor.

"Yes I'm running for mayor again but I shouldn't have to be because my votes were stolen," said Covey.

Each candidate is running on a different platform. Those running for mayor will trim from fourto two candidates. The top two vote recipients will face off in November's general election.

"Rethink, rebuild and restore--completely different than what's been happening for the last 10, 20,30 years," said Waniewski of his platform.

Some are highlighting what they say is a new perspective. Kapszukiewic says he wants to restructure city government.

"We're never going to reach our full potential as a city if we can't pave our roads, fill our potholes,make sure it streets are safe."

Others are looking at long term plans. Covey says she wants to turn Toledo into a tourist town while Mayor Hicks-Hudson says she's looking to bring further development to the city.

"I never feel confident," said Hicks-Hudson. " I feel that you have to work very hard and I think we have a good message to tell. The response I received from voters has been very positive."

The council candidates will be cut down from 13 to 12 after Tuesday's results.Those remaining will compete for the 6 at large council seats in November.

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