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      Mayoral candidates make similar pledges to neighborhoods

      The Toledo mayoral candidates Mike Bell and D. Michael Collins squared off in another head-to-head forum Tuesday night. The South Toledo Neighborhood Alliance pressured the candidates to definitive yes or no pledges regarding safety, housing, infrastructure and parks. Bell and Collins received the nine questions ahead of time, and despite their usual differences, gave the same yes and no answers to each issue presented. Both candidates pledged to support efforts to prevent and or eliminate sexually oriented businesses and private after hours clubs in the Burroughs, Highland Heights and Arlington neighborhoods. They also pledged to resurface South Avenue between Westwood and Airport Highway.WATCH: Homeless shelter invites Toledo mayoral candidates to dinner In a part of the city with nearly 19,000 registered voters, the candidates had an opportunity that didn't meet everyone's expectations. "I wanted to hear,I wanted to see some clear differences to really, truly make up my mind, and I didn't really hear any true differences," said Toledo resident Phyllis Sheets. Others told WNWO the forum may have showcased the candidates' similar stances, but they felt the answers solidified their decision. "I was a little bit uncertain - I feel a lot more strong in my conviction in which I'm going to vote," said South Toledo resident Tom Roth.WATCH: Live stream of first televised, Toledo mayoral debate