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      Mayoral candidates pull debate double-header

      Two weeks prior to the election, Toledo's mayoral candidates faced-off twice on Tuesday at a separate public debate and forum.

      Incumbent Mayor Mike Bell and Councilman D. Michael Collins participated in a debate hosted by the Toledo Board of Realtors in south Toledo. Each of the candidates fielded questions from residents mainly focusing on housing and economic development.

      Later Tuesday evening, Bell and Collins sat side-by-side at the Chester Zablocki Senior Center, at a forum hosted by ONE Village Council. Residents asked for the candidateâ??s positions on topics such as infrastructure, job opportunities, safety, and homelessness.

      â??The fundamental question is, â??What is your vision for Toledo from the year 2014 through the year 2018,â?? thatâ??s really the question that should be answered,â?? said Collins.

      Bell said, â??Just being able to get out in the community and letting people be a part of the democratic process, and using democracy here to be able to choose a candidate I think is good.â??

      Toledo voters will decide which candidate will be the cityâ??s next mayor in the Nov. 5 election.

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