Mayoral candidates talk sinkhole, city infrastructure

Toledo, OH - Toledo City Councilman D. Michael Collins is officially running for mayor. He filed the necessary paperwork Monday morning at the Lucas County Board of Elections Office.

Afterwards, he laid out his six-point plan for the Glass City, which includes lowering income tax, and reducing the redundancy of certain city employees.

Collins took a jab at the Bell Administration's use of tax dollars.

"I'm not going to hide things. I'm not going to hide vehicles and pretending they're street sweepers and supervisors cars," Collins says.

The latest topic regarding the health of the city is a sinkhole in the middle of a centralized street.

Collins says, "We have, as a result of an aging infrastructure, we have some serious corrections that need to be made."

Mayoral Candidate Anita Lopez says the sinkhole draws negative attention to the city. She held a press conference Monday afternoon to voice concern.

"They cannot be national headlines that we are having major infrastructure [problems], and we are putting lives of citizens at risk," says Lopez.

She says its issues like the sinkhole, that should have been fixed years ago.

"We dealt with a sewer and water line that was built in the 1800's, and it has not been addressed," she explains.

She also took a jab at Mayor Bell, saying the hole on Detroit Avenue speaks volumes of how things are run.

Councilman Collins says the city is working on the sewer and water lines, but there is no way they could have predicted to collapse of the street..

He says, "If anybody had the wisdom or the vision that this was going to happen, I wish they'd have come forward."