McDonald's has mighty ten million pound problem

McDonald's has a mighty problem

Mighty Wings may be headed back to a McDonald's near you, and it's not due to popular demand.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, McDonald's has about 10 million pounds of frozen Might Wings in storage after sales of the chicken snack fell below expectations. The "bold flavor" chicken wings, which debuted in September with a strong ad campaign by the Golden Arches, were not an instant hit with customers.

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It is not known whether the lackluster selling performance was due to the product's spicy flavor or high price, $2.99 for three wings.

Whatever the reason, the fast food giant is poised to bring the wing back. "We're bringing back Mighty Wings â?? stay tuned," said McDonald's U.S. media relations director Lisa McComb. "During this holiday season and into the new year, we are focused on serving delicious McDonald's food and McCafe favorites to our customers."