McDonald's salutes Ohio kidnap victims and man who helped save them

      Charles Ramsey

      Fast-food giant McDonald's says it will reach out to the man who helped in the rescue of three women found in Cleveland after they went missing about a decade ago.

      Charles Ramsey, who lives in the neighborhood where the women were found, noted in an interview with a local TV station that he was eating McDonald's when the scene unfolded Monday. He also made note of his meal in a 911 call. Both the interview and the 911 call went viral online.

      On Tuesday, the world's biggest hamburger company

      said on its corporate Twitter account

      : "We salute the courage of Ohio kidnap victims & respect their privacy. Way to go
      Charles Ramsey - we'll be in touch."

      Cleveland Police have arrested three brothers in connection with the disappearance and kidnapping of three women, including 26-year-old Amanda Berry who went missing ten years ago.

      Berry was rescued from Ariel Castro's home

      , just a few miles south of downtown Cleveland, after Ramsey heard screams coming from the home Monday. Berry told Ramsey she had been kidnapped ten years ago after he helped kick out a screen door of the home.

      Two other women were also rescued from the home. Michelle Knight had been missing since 2002, and Gina DeJesus was missing since 2004.