MedCorp closing ''No surprise'' since the city took over EMS services

<font size="2">Calls to First Med were not returned.</font>

The emergency vehicles at MedCorp in North Toledo sit behind fences with closed gates. The employee lot, and the building itself are empty. The company has closed.

Jeff Kish owns Kish Ambulance, a competitor of MedCorp. He says he found out shortly after it happened.

"I received a call Friday that people were being told to shut down their ambulances, that the company was closed," Kish said.

When the city of Toledo expanded its ambulance services in 2007, Kish said private emergency services couldn't compete.

"When Toledo fire got into the business, MedCorp was not in a position to downsize their company," Kish said. "They were so large, with so many brick-and-mortar locations, the had to fill their obligations."

His business also took a hit during that time.

"We had four locations, and were running eight ambulances. But because of their [Toledo Fire Dept.] efforts, we had to lay off 42 people," Kish said.

His company only narrowly avoided closing.

"After absorbing the initial loss, it allowed us to regenerate our business through private transport, and we were able to survive," Kish said.

Jeff Kish now runs his ambulance service out of a single location. The news of MedCorp going under came as no shock.

"It doesn't come as a surprise, only because I've noticed their business dwindling over the past couple of years."

But now, many emergency vehicles are not being used, and around 200 employees are suddenly left without a job.

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Kish says he has already been contacted by MedCorp employees looking for work.

"Calls started as early as Friday night. We received several emails over the weekend too," Kish said.

His business like many other private EMS services around town are fully staffed. It's possible skilled Toledoans could be moving away as a result.

"I would assume that most of them are going to be forced to leave the area, just because there aren't the availability of jobs," Kish said.

We tried to contact MedCorp, but no one answered the phone, and no voicemail picked up. The website has also been down since Friday.

The MedCorp location in Columbus has also been closed. There are reportedly about 60 employees at that branch.

After filing for bankruptcy in 2011, MedCorp was sold to First Med EMS out of Wilmington, N.C.

Calls to First Med were not returned.