Medical marijuana law placed on moratoriums throughout Ohio

Medical marijuana law placed on moratoriums throughout Ohio (File)

A new state law passed last month allowing the sale of medical marijuana in the state of Ohio has caused some local governments to pump the breaks on the expected surge in medical marijuana dispensaries.

Port Clinton is now preparing to propose legislation to put a moratorium on the sale of medical marijuana for a 6 month period while the city sorted out the legality of the shops.

Originally reported by News-Messenger, city councilman Gabe Below is spearheading the proposal and he's said to have support.

It's become commonplace throughout government for these temporary bans to take place when a medical marijuana law has been passed.

Ottawa County Sheriff Stephen J. Levorchick told NBC 24 that local governments are doing this because he believes there's a lack of information about these laws that are being passed.

“I think what they’re trying to do is at least give themselves some time for the research through their legal departments to ensure they’re doing what’s right for their communities," said Sheriff Levorchick.

The Sheriff also believes the passing of medical marijuana laws created a misconception about the safety of recreational marijuana, especially for youth.

“That information is not being shared, so therefore the kids are seeing, hey, medical marijuana, it’s okay for you. It helps you, it makes you feel better. Well no, only aspects of it do. I see that as, again, not educating the way we should," said Sheriff Levorchick.

The ban will go under review before it is voted into action.

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