Meet Will Kunkel, WNWO sports director

Will Kunkel

WNWO is pleased to introduce new talent to our team, including sports director Will Kunkel, WNWO Today anchor Abby Powell, dayside reporter Chris Delcamp and sports reporter/weekend sports anchor Therese Viñal. To help the community get to know our new faces a little better, we'll be posting stories detailing their backgrounds, aspirations and interests. Feel free to welcome them in our comments section below!

Meet our new sports director, Will Kunkel. Will travelled from Fox-affiliate KVRR in Fargo, North Dakota to join WNWO at the end of May 2012. You can connect with Will via Twitter @KunkelW, on Facebook at, or via email to

Where did you get your start as a journalist?
I started full time at ESPN immediately after graduating from St. Lawrence University. I really enjoyed the behind the scenes production work but it wasnâ??t enough. I wanted to be on-air. Knowing I needed to learn the other side of the business I left ESPN after 2 years to get my MSJ at Medill at Northwestern.

What inspired you to come into the field of sports journalism?
Sports. I grew up playing sportsâ?¦once my athletic career took a nose dive following college sports I still found myself surrounded with the sporting world, whether it be at ESPN or city leagues.

What do you hope to accomplish while here at WNWO?
I hope to bring WNWO sports a personality and distinguish it from the other local sports casts. I want people to be entertained when they watch our sports. It is sports, it is supposed to be fun.

What was your most embarrassing moment on air?
My first week on air at Medill my contacts dried up and I couldnâ??t read anything. Literally had to stop the show so I could see again. It was probably due to the fact I was so nervous and didnâ??t blink for about 10 minutes straight. I am sure a person looking into a camera without blinking isnâ??t creepy at all.

Which celebrity journalist do you look up to most?
Neil Everett, Scott Van Pelt and Mike Greenberg. I was fortunate to cross paths with Everett and Van Pelt a few times during my time at ESPN and got to work very closely with Greeny for almost 2 years. I admire each person for different reasons. Everett is one of the most enthusiastic, entertaining and creative people in sports, which really comes across in his writing style. Van Pelt has created an incredible brand. He was/is such a strong personality on Sportscenter that he was able to parlay that into a great brand and create a successful radio show. As for Greeny, a lot of what I have today I owe to him. I felt like he really took me under his proverbial wing since ESPN. He is the consummate professional both on and off set. Both him and Mike Golic are strong family men and are true to their values. There are a lot of people out there that use their fame to take advantage of situations and people, not these two. Both are excellent role models.

If you werenâ??t in broadcast journalism, what would you be?
If I wasnâ??t a sports anchor I would probably be a business owner of some sort. I have a dream to open a sports bar in each city where I have worked/lived. So far that would be New York, Chicago, Fargo and now the glass city, Toledo.

What you do in your spare time?
On my spare time I am always active and have very eclectic interests. Outside of watching sports I follow politics very closely. When I have the time I am constantly involved in as many city sports leagues as possible. I manage to see a show on Broadway each time I am back east. I love all food from sushi to burgers, music from Hip-hop to Country. If you had my iPod for a day you wouldnâ??t be able tell if it was your grandfathers or your 14 year old sisters.