Meeting held with South Toledo neighbors about proposed dog park


lans are underway to bring a dog park to
Toledo. It's a process that has been underway for several years, and a meeting was held Thursday night with residents to discuss the park that will be near their homes.

The park will be located

where the former
South Toledo YMCA was located in Woodsdale Park.


he group behind the dog park is
Toledo Unleashed. It's a non profit that has been working to bring a park exclusively for the use of dogs to Toledo.


he area would be 4 acres and consist of two sections one for small dogs and another larger ones



eighbors who would live near the proposed park
have lots of questions, "How's it going to look? How close is it going to be? How much supervision is there going to be as far as cleanup, cleanliness," explains South Toledo resident Hazel McDonald.

President of Toledo Unleashed, Tina Yoppolo says despite a large amount of land, pet waste management company "The PU Crew" will handle cleaning up the park, "our members are required to cleanup after their dog, but this is a large area and you might miss a spot. So, if you do miss a spot, our other people will be there to take care of it."


meeting w


held on the proposed site where neighbors c

ould express their concerns and questions about the park.


ow the process the make the park a reality is moving forward.
A special use permit request will go before the city's planning commission on August 8th.

Yoppolo says a fundraising effort for the park is underway. Toledo Unleashed is collecting donations for the cost of the park estimated at $65,000.

The organization has set up a donation button on their website,