Members of Congress still get paid during shutdown

On day 2 of the government shutdown, citizens were expressing their frustration about the inability of congressional leaders to bring an end to the impasse.

Toledoan Mario Ortiz, a military veteran, doesn't think it's fair that members of Congress will continue to collect their salaries during the shutdown.

"I don't think it's fair at all, if I am going to lose something it should disrupt their lives as well," Mr. Ortiz said.

Both members of the House of Representatives in northwest Ohio will continue to collect their salaries in the midst of a partial shutdown of the federal government. WNWO asked Democrat Marcy Kaptur and Republican Bob Latta about congressional pay during a shutdown.

Rep. Kaptur says she voted against a government shutdown and blamed Republicans.

"I donate all past pay raises to charity so I am a little different from some of my colleagues but those that voted for the shutdown should take a hit," Ms. Kaptur said. Latta also donates a portion of his salary to charity. "What I have said what I will be doing is donating to charity in northwest Ohio," Rep. Latta said.

The 27th ammendment to the Constitution, ratified in 1992 effectively prohibits members of Congress from taking self-imposed pay cuts.