Men accused in OH bomb plot object to 9/11 court date

From top left to bottom right: Douglas Wright, Brandon Baxter, Anthony Hayne, Joshua Stafford and Connor Stevens

According to CNN, lawyers for the 5 men accused of plotting to blow-up an Ohio bridge objected to a September 11th trial date on Thursday.

The suspects were in federal court, in Akron, as the judge proposed a 9/11/2012 start date.

Attorneys apparently didnâ??t want an alleged terror trial to begin on a date that many associate with the worst terror attack on American soil.

"I understand the judge wants to get things moving along and set in stone, it could be logistically complicated for them," Defense Attorney John Pyle said.

The start date was moved to September 17th to accommodate the defense's request.

The group that will stand trial is accused of planning to use plastic explosives to blow up a Brecksville bridge.

During Thursday's hearing attorneys were each given a box of government evidence.

Federal prosecutors say their evidence includes up to 50 hours of secretly taped audio recordings, videotaped meetings and a video recorded the night of the attempted attack.

The judge also ordered the name of the FBI informant that allegedly gave the men what turned out to be fake explosives be kept confidential.

Attorneys for one of the defendants are expected to argue his client was entrapped by the government.