Mental illness treatable; suicide preventable

Robin Isenberg is the Executive Director of the Greater Toledo chapter of the National Alliance of Mental Illness. The high profile suicide death of Robin Williams is giving Isenberg and other mental health experts the opportunity to talk about the role that mental illness has in suicide. "We have lots of groups and free education classes and support services at NAMI," Ms. Isenberg said.

Isenberg says the combination of talk therapy and medication can reduce the number of suicides. "If you have heart disease and your cardiologist suggests you take some kind of medicine you will probably do that; well your brain is no different, if your brain needs medication or if there is an imbalance would you not take medication for it," Ms. Isenberg said.

In 2012 there were 65 suicides in Lucas County: 48 male, 17 female. In the United States an estimated 30,000 people take their own lives each year.

To learn more about NAMI of Greater Toledo visit www. . Another local agency that is in the suicide prevention battle is the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. The local chapter's website is