Metropark Levy Issue 21

Among the levies that will be on the chopping block on November 6th, issue 21 deals with Metroparks.

"There is a lot on the ballot. Some I don't really undetstand. But this one I will support because i come every day," says Terri Mater, who walks her dog in the park every morning.

"I come every morning and walk two miles. Walk my dog. It's kind of starts my day off," she says.

The levy calls for an increase in millage from 0.3 mills to 0.9. This means the owner of a $100,000 home would pay $27.56 per year, which is about $0.075 per day.

Terri Marter say it is worth it, "I think they are already doing a really good job. And if they need to increase that to do a better job, then i am all for that."

One elderly couple WNWO spoke with in the park says the safety and cleanliness in the park is why they come. They say it is currently their only form of recreation. And it's important to them staying active.

For others, it'sa safe place to play with their children, quietly study for a test, or walk your dog.

The new levy would add over $7 million annually for ten years. That would account for almost half of Metroparks' yearly budget.

According to the Metroparks' website, the levy increase will not only pay for up-keep, but also for the acquisition of more land.

For those paying for the current levy, the increase would be about $18 more than you are currently paying. That levy was approved in 2003 and will expire at the end of 2012.