M.I.A. volunteers making multiple trips to Haiti

Pam Harpst of Blissfield worships at the same church as does Dr. Jay Nielsen and his wife Jan Nielsen, the co-founders of Missions International of America. Last spring the Nielsen's asked Pam to join them on their June 2012 mission trip to Savanette, Haiti. The memories of that first visit are still fresh in Pam's mind. "The first time that I came here it is difficult to put into words; it was like being able to see God for the first time," Mrs. Harpst said. Last week's trip was Pam's fourth. Dr. Nielsen has given her an assignment to gather as much information as she can about the people of Savanette. "I take a census and everyone says that life in Haiti is very hard but they are thankful each day for this or that, they are thankful for mangos, thankful that they are not in the hospital," Mrs. Harpst said.

Wayne Brown of London, Ontario, Canada was making his 12th trip with M.I.A. He oversees the various construction projects that are being built on the mission compound. Wayne speaks very little Creole and his team of laborers speak very little English but that does not get in the way of their work. "They are diligent, very hard workers who really want to improve their lives and all they need is the tools and a little help," Mr. Brown said. To learn more about M.I.A. visit their website