Mich. Chrysler workers claim Ohio Powerball jackpot

Fourteen Chrysler workers from Michigan have claimed half of Ohio's second Powerball jackpot.

The group that calls themselves "The Lucky Thirteen Plus One" were at the Ohio Lottery's regional office in Toledo Monday to claim half of the $97 million jackpot from the a June Powerball drawing. The winning ticket from the multi-state lottery game was sold to one of the group's members at Shirley's Carryout in Curtice (Ottawa County).

The group, comprised of workers at a Detroit-area Chrysler paint shop, has chosen a cash option of approximately $25.1 million. After federal and state taxes, each group member will receive a one-time payout of $1.2 million.

William Shanteau, of Curtice, says he purchased the ticket at Shirley's and had a dream the night before the June 23 drawing that his group of co-workers had won. When he went to verify his ticket the next day, Shanteau says "bell and whistles went off" in his head, just like that alarm that awakened him from his dream.

Shirley's Carryout has received $48,500 as a retailer bonus for selling the winning ticket, courtesy of the Ohio Lottery.

Shanteau's "The Lucky Thirteen Plus One" co-workers include Robert King of Monroe, Gerald Thompson and April Sparks-Griffin of Detroit, James Jones of Troy, Christopher Jackson of Redford, Roy Rutledge of Dryden, Ignazio Giambra of Dearborn, Leonard Daddario of Trenton, Billy McGill of Flat Rock, Kevin Bostic of Ypsilanti, Daynalynn Lesniak-Hertel of Imlay City, and Phyllis Adams of Southfield.