Michigan community unveils memorial to missing Skelton boys

Inscribed in the memorial plaque honoring Andrew, Alexander, and Tanner Skelton, is the message, â??Faith, Hope, Love.â??

Family and friends gathered Sunday to unveil a memorial plaque in honor of three Michigan children who disappeared two years ago, on Thanksgiving weekend.

Over a hundred in the Morenci community came to the memorial at Wakefield Park. Three trees, all adorned with yellow ribbons, surround a plaque in memory of Andrew, Alexander, and Tanner Skelton. The three boys went missing on November 25, 2010. Police believe they were murdered by their father, John Skelton, who is serving up to 15 years in a Michigan prison for unlawful imprisonment in the case.

â??It means a lot because no one will ever forget,â?? said the childrenâ??s aunt, Tennille McCain. â??Everybody can see that, and theyâ??ll always remember the boys.â??

The engraved plaque will stay in the park for as long as the three boys are missing. Inscribed is the message, â??Faith, Hope, Love.â?? Tanya Zuvers retains hope that her sons are still alive.

â??Until I have 100 percent concrete proof that theyâ??re not alive on this Earth, the hope will always be there,â?? said Zuvers. She continued, â??As a parent you have to do that, you owe that to your children.â??

Morenci Police are offering a reward of up to $60,000 for information that can help solve the case. So far, police have received over 1,300 tips.