Michigan Governor Rick Synder talks about "Right to Work" bill

Gov. Snyder sat down with WNWO for an exclusive one-on-one about the Right to Work law.


or weeks


union groups and demonstrators crowded the
Michigan state Capitol building to protest right to work legislation.


he measure was introduced by a Republican-controlled legislature

, despite the fact Gov. Rick Snyder said it wasn't his priority.



, he signed the bill. So, why?



were starting to see people upset, some protest going, and the whole thing was starting. So my view is lets move it up and take a leadership position, lets resolve the question," he said.


answer was to officially make
Michigan a Right-to-Work state. Basically, it takes away the power unions have over collecting membership fees from employees.

"They should feel free, they should feel excited to join and send their dollars that way.
If they don't see value and they're not seeing any results out of it, they shouldn't be forced to do that," Gov. Synder said.

The governor also pointed to other states that are Right to Work.

"They did similar legislation back in
February, they had over 30 companies commit to come to Indiana that previously wouldn't look at indiana because of this issue, they're bringing thousands of jobs to Indiana, good jobs," he said.




hoping those good jobs will start flowing into
Michigan since the state's neighbor to the south, Ohio, is not a Right to Work state. Gov. Snyder admits that may present a problem for job creation in the Buckeye State.

"It could make it more challenging for
Ohio, again I think it does make a state more competitive. We found that multiple times in Michigan when companies would be looking to some place, quite often they wouldn't even put us on the list," he said.