Michigan Pharmacist fired for shooting at armed robber

When you work overnights in a convenience store, grocery or a already know the risks.

So much so that one might pursue legal methods of defending yourself should the need arise.

That move got a Michigan Pharmacist fired back in May when he pulled a legally concealed and permitted handgun and fired at a robber that pointed a gun at him.

(Security camera footage can be seen by clicking HERE).

The incident took place at 4:30am back on May 8th. Jeremy Hoven says he was fired because he violated Walgreens' non-escalation policy, but had never been told about the policy.

He filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Grand Rapids last month. His attorneys say he fired his weapon in self-defense, likely saving his own life and lives of other workers.

In its response to the allegations, Walgreens denied many of Hoven's claims, including his assertion that he was fired over the company's non-escalation policy.

It disputed Hoven's contention that he had a right to carry or discharge a concealed weapon on its premises at any time.

The company said Hoven's claims for compensation are not allowed under the law.

Walgreens had a plausible and legitimate business reason to justify its decision todischarge (Hoven), attorneys Charles Mishkind and Adam Forman said in the response.

Attorneys for Hoven released security camera footage of the incident and say the video clearly shows Hoven was justified in defending himself against the armed robber.

Watch the robbery footage and decide for yourself. Was the Pharmacist justified in defending himself? If you have a conceal/carry permit and a legal weapon, should private business concerns be able to dictate if you can defend yourself or not? Should Walgreens commend the employee instead of sending him packing? We want your opinion.