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      Michigan reacts to concealed weapons bill

      A new bill passed by the Michigan legislature would expand access for carrying concealed weapons in gun-free zones.

      One day after a tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut left 20 children dead, a new bill passed by the Michigan legislature would expand access for carrying concealed weapons in public places.

      Provisions of the bill allow gun owners to obtain a special concealed weapons permit to legally carry concealed weapons into public places previously considered â??gun-free.â?? These zones include schools, churches, day-cares, bars, and sports stadiums. The bill has spawned debate over the necessity and practicality of access to weapons in public spaces.

      â??Thereâ??s gonna be good and bad but, I believe if someone would have been there carrying, it would have been maybe stopped,â?? said Robert Smith, whose daughters attend schools in Petersburg, MI. He continued, â??It makes you think after what happened yesterday, it could happen anywhere.â??

      Despite a number of recent burglaries at St. Peterâ??s Lutheran Church in Petersburg, Reverend Mark Flory said â??Noâ?? to weapons in church. â??It does concern me,â?? he added. â??I just pray for common sense.â??

      Those wishing to obtain the proper permit would have to complete an additional eight hours of training and shoot 94 more rounds at a licensed firing range. Local Sheriffâ??s would then have 45 days to approve the application and issue a license.

      The bill has already passed through the House and Senate, and only needs Governor Rick Snyderâ??s signature to become law. Governor Snyder plans to take time to review the bill before taking action in wake of Fridayâ??s tragic shooting that left twenty children and six adults dead in Connecticut.

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