Michigan State Police to take lead on missing Morenci boys

Andrew, Alexander, and Tanner Skelton were last seen at the home of their father, John Skelton, on November 26, 2010.

"They were innocent," says the boy's mother, Tanya Zuvers. "Not a care in the world. They took life as it comes."

John Skelton is serving 10-15 years in prison on charges of confining a persons whereabouts in regards to his sons.

Now, after three years and no breaks in the case, the Michigan State Police will be taking over the investigation.

"Maybe they have different ways of going about questioning him. A new set of eyes," says Zuvers.

Tanya hopes that this change might lead to new information coming in the case.

She says, "A new outlook, a new perspective never hurts."

Zuvers has always maintained that the boy's father is responsible for the disappearance.

Tanya says, "He is the key to finding out what happened to my sons."

John Skelton has denied involvement since the beginning. However, police say his story over the years has been inconsistent.

"He's told so many stories. Buried in their somewhere is the truth," Tanya says.

She has also tried to contact John Skelton personally. She has wrote him a letter in prison, and emails, but he has never responded.

Michigan State Police investigator will be pursuing this case as an active investigation. Tanya hopes a new approach on John Skelton will peel back the layers.

Time has helped Tanya to cope with the loss. She says she is trying to go on with living her life, because the boys would want their mom to be happy.

Tanya says, "I try not to let life get me down. Every now and then it does, but not nearly as much as it did three years ago."