Michigan's NCAA tournament run gives businesses a boost

Fans are going blue, but Michigan's NCAA National Championship appearance has local sports bars and apparel shops seeing green.

"Normally basketball season is slow for us. Football season is really where we take command," said Trent Waldron at Buckeye-Wolverine Shop in Maumee. "It's really picked up and it's been exciting."

Excited U-of-M fans have been flooding the shop through the entire tournament. Some last minute shoppers say each Wolverine's win has been a surprise.

"I didn't know if they were going to make it that far - so in my bracket, I didn't have them going very far - but I'm happy they're this far," said Delorean Waters.

As for the shop, each win meant a need for more supplies.

"I will have to say we were more stocked for Ohio State than we were Michigan, but we did get some last minute items in that helped out quite a bit," said Waldron.

There was even more "Hail to the Victors" in Sideline's Sports Eatery and Pub on Monday night, where managers say the maize and blue has brought in the big bucks.

"We've been getting pretty busy for the NCAA anyway, but especially with Michigan, we've been getting a lot busier for the actual Michigan games," said manager Jessica Bland.

Michigan fans say they don't mind spending the cash to hit the town and get some team support.

"I just have to be here for high fives and hugs, just in case," said Troy William. "Or in case they lose - let's hope not - I'm there for hugs and sympathy, as well. So you have to be around people for games like this."

He also hopes to be around people for the party. "They call this tournament the dance, so if they win I'm going to be dancing all night long, you can believe it," said William.