Mid-summer chill hangs on Wednesday

It's going to be an interesting day weather wise as the heart of the cool, Canadian high pressure system moves overhead. After a chilly, sunny start to the day we will see clouds develop as we get into mid-day and will likely see those clouds squeeze out some spotty showers this afternoon with unseasonably cool highs in the lower 70's.


Extended weather forecast

We will end out the work week in great shape as skies will be mostly sunny both Thursday and Friday. The comfort levels will remain high too as the relatively cool, dry air aticks around. High temps will be in the mid-70's tomorrow and in the upper 70's on Friday.

Right now things are really looking good for the thousands heading out to Highland Meadows for the Marathon Classic over the weekend. Skies will be partly cloudy both Saturday and Sunday with highs in the low and mid 80's. It's likely that we'll start to notice things getting a little humid by the time we get into Sunday afternoon.

If you like the treat of a mid-summer cool down enjoy it while you can as next week offers heat, humidity and even some scattered showers and storms.

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