Mike DeWine talks about the Cleveland three

Attorney General Mike DeWine has some choice words against those who commit crimes against children.

"They're monsters. They're just horrible, and they do terrible things to our kids," says DeWine.

DeWine and his wife have eight kids and 19 grandkids, and says he could never imagine if one of them was taken.

His office has been spearheading the effort of cracking down on crimes against children since he first got in office.

"We set up a separate predator unit in our office, and we're going after them," he says.

He recalls his stance on this subject developing very early in his career.

DeWine explains, "I was a young 25-year-old assistant prosecuting attorney in Green County, and I think the thing that shocked me the most was the predators that went after kids... I've never gotten over it."

While he knows it's good news that the girls in the Clevelend kidnapping case are finally free after so long, Dewine reminds the public about the large number of children still missing.

There are almost 700 missing children who's pictures are up on the Ohio Attorney General's web page, and he says the public must play a key role in putting crimes like this to an end.

"Look at those pictures. See if there's anyone you recognize," he says.

He says he expects those responsible for the kidnapping of the Cleveland three will spend the rest of their lives behind bars.

"They're gonna try to throw the book at these guys, and as well they should," he says, "everyone in law enforcement will do everything they can to make sure the individuals who did this will never get out of prison."

The investigation in still in the early stages, as ten years of information is starting to come out, and charges will continue to be filed.