Military may halt Lima tank plant production

The M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank is built at General Dynamics manufacturing plant in Lima.

The nation's only tank-manufacturing plant in Lima is in danger of closing.

While the iconic M1 Abrams tank has been built at the General Dynamics manufacturing plant for more than three decades, the Associated Press reports the Pentagon will soon have enough tanks to halt production and make cuts in military spending.

The Pentagon has requested to postpone funding until 2017, according to the AP.

Some Ohio members of Congress are attempting to restore funding, but the White House said adding more money to the budget would cause even deeper cuts because of an agreement made during a failed congressional attempt to reduce the deficit.

Congress approved $255 million last year for tank upgrades at General Dynamics, according to the AP.

The city of Lima was built around factories that made locomotives, auto engines and auto parts. It provides some of the highest paying jobs in an area hit hard by manufacturing losses.

According to The Blade, General Dynamics employs 840 people, down more than 400 jobs over the past three years.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report)